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makna positf dalam hidup

Makna Positif Dalam Hidup(2)

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cabang biologi

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Kumpulan Autotext

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Senin, 14 November 2011


1. Expression of Satisfaction / Dissatisfaction

a. Expressing Satisfaction
§  I am satisfied with the results of this test
§  it makes me feel satisfied
§  It gives my satisfaction

b. Expressing Dissatisfacation
§  We feel dissatisfied with the results of yesterday's test
§  It makes me feel dissatisfied
§  It makes me dissatisfied

2. Expression of Like / Dislike

          a. Expressing Like
Ø  I like ….                                         
Ø  I love …                                         
Ø  I adore …                                       
Ø  We don’t mind ….                                    
Ø  like, be fond of, be keen on ….     

Example :

§  Santi               : what about my food?
Andi                :
I like the food that you make

§  Doni               : you like the gift from your mother?
Gita                 : I love my mother and her gift

            b. Expressing Dislike  

Ø  I hate ….
Ø  I can’t stand ….
Ø  dislike ….
Ø  can’t stand, can’t bear …
Ø  I detest …

              Example :

§  Lia                : why do not you eat lunch with meat?
Maya           : I hate to meat

§  Anton          : why you just keep quiet?
   Bimo            : I don’t like with today's lesson

3. Expression of Request

Ø  Making Polite request
Example :
        A: Could you come over this afternoon ?
B: All right.
        A: Do you think you could get out of the way?
      B:  of course
        A: Do you mind If I use your CD player ?
      B : OK
        A: Would you Mind lending me your laptop?
      B : All right
        A : Can I borrow your pencil ?
      B : sorry , I can’t.

Ø  Agreeing to requests

        Of course./ Certainly./Sure.
        All right./ OK.
        No, not at all./ Of course not

Ø  Refusing with reasons

        I’m sorry, but I’m in a terrible rush
        I’m afraid I can’t. I’m waitimg for my mom
        Sorry, but I’ve promised to see benny

4. Expression of Permission

a.    Asking for permission
Example :
o   A : Can I  borrow your handphone…?
o   B : Yes, you can.

o   A : Do you mind if  I sat beside you…?
o   B :  sorry.

 b.Giving permission
o   Yes, you can.
o   Okay.
o   Sure.
o   Of course.
o   By all means.
o   No problem.
c. Refusing permission
o   Sorry,….
o   I’m sorry, you can’t.
o   I’m afraid not…

5. Expression of Sympathy
a. Expressing of sympathy on minor
o   What’s pity                       
o   That’s pity
o   That’s a nuisance   
o   Oh dear
o   That’s too bad

b. Expressing of sympathy on serious accident
o   Goodness!
o   How Awful!
o   How terrible!
o   How dreadful!

c. Expressing of sympathy on personal circumstances
o   I’m sorry to hear that
o   Please accept my deepest sympathy
o   I’m sorry about that …
o   Send my deepest condolence!
o   I’m really sorry for them
o   Please accept my condolences!
6. Expression  of  Pride
o      I’m very proud of you
o   *I feel proud of my brother.
Example :
        I’m very proud of you .you are the winner of the biggest competition of this year.
        I feel proud of my brother. He is one of candidates in physics olympiade
7. Expression Agreement or Disagreement

                        a. Asking for agreement
§  Don’t you / do you agree with … ?
§  Are you in agreement with
§  That’s …, uuh ?
§  He’s …, isn’t he ?
§  Do we have a deal ?

b.      Agreeing
§  I agree
§  That’s for sure
§  Fine/ok with me
§  certainly
                  c. Disagreeing
§  I disagree / I don’t agree
§  I don’t think so
§  I refuse
§  No way

8.    Expression of Admitting / accusing                    

a.       Expressing of Admitting

o   Sorry.

o   I know this was my fault.

o   Please fro give me.

b. Expressing of Accusing

·         You are the one to blame.
·         I think you are the only person who could have done it.
·         That’s your mistake.
·         You did it, didn’t you ?
·         Who else, if not you ?

·               It is you fault! 
·               You have to be responsible for this!
·               It's all because of you!
·                I accuse you on ... 
·                I charge you for ... 
·               Why you did this to me? 
·                How can you did that to her! 
·                You are behind all this! 
·                 I blame you on ... 

·                You are to blame for punching the door! 
·                It's your responsibility! 
·                You should finish what you've started

9. Expression of capability / incapability

a. Expressing of capability
o   Although my father is 60 years old, he is still capable of driving car well.
o   The situation is capable of improvement.
o   They think I have the qualitifications needed for this job.
o   Amir is able to draw anything well.

           b. Expressing of incapability
o   You don’t know anything about making a good writing.
o   I don’t think you have the ability to do this work.
o   They are not able to play basket ball well.
o   I am incapable of speaking Korean.
o   The girl knows nothing about chemistry.

10. Expression of Apology

a.       Asking for and giving Apology

· A:  Sorry, I could not finish my comic?
  B : it’s OK.

·  A: I’m sorry for saying such words?
   B: you say sorry?

·  A: I apologize for my careless?
   B:  forget it.

·  A: I do apologize for the bad news?
   B:  that’s all right

·  A:  I must apologize for disturbing your work?
                                    B:  it doesn't matter

11. Expression of invitation

a. Expressing of invitation

§  * Would you like to come to my birthday party tomorrow evening?
§      Would you like to come along ……………
§      I am pleased to do that/ Great…../I will…….
§  * With pleasure
§  * I’m afraid I can’t, thanks anyway
§  * Thank you, but I have another program
§  * I would, thank you/ I’d like to/ All right
§  * Would you like to …….?
§       Do you fancy…..?
§  * Is there any chance of ……?
b.  Accepting Invitation
§   Yes, I’d love to
§   With pleasure
§   I’d be delighted
§  That’s good idea
      c.   Refusing Invitation
§   I’d love to, but……..
§   I’m sorry
§   I’m afraid I can’t , I have to….
§   Thank, that’s great, but I’m sorry.
12. Expression of introductions

Ø Self-Introductions

o   Hello. I’m Ben
o   May I introduce myself? My name’s Alia
o   I don’t think we’ve met before. I’m dira.
o   Hi. I’m Evan, and you?

Ø Responses

o                      How do you do? I’m Angel.
o                      Pleased to meet you. I’m cindy
o                      Nice to meet you. I’m Brenda.
o           I’m Andi